Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Highlight

This year was one of the best years because now I can do a back flip in the water when my brothers left me up and then I did a back flip. Next year I am going to be a years 7 and I'm quite scared   for next year may god be with us heheheh. This year I was the school's Ambassador for 2014 it was fun talking alot about my school But I still talk about my school to my friends and family. Next year I'm going to tamiki collage for tec at tec they do lots of cool things like baking I can't wait. Hope you enjoy and have a happy new years

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

All About Me Part 1

Hi Everyone I have had this blog for three years and I haven't even posted an about me post sorry about that. But here is the about me part one. Hope you enjoy.

                                                About me


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Break And Highlights Of The Year

Hi everyone today was the last day of school and we did the best things. We played games,art and put the furniture in the new class rooms for the year 5's & 6's. I can't wait for Christmas me and my brothers and sisters always sleeps in one of the rooms all together it's so fun. This year is a very special year to me because it's going to be my baby brothers first Christmas.  Next year I'm going to be a year 7 and i can't wait.

My highlights this year was going to Kawua Island and to be an ambassador It was fun being a year 6 and I don't want to leave. The teachers were so kind and nice that they always make us laugh Hope that everyone has a great holiday. And have a very berry merry Christmas.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Good Bye 2014 :(

Hello everyone 2014 has been the best year of my life because it's been a great time to be learning with the best teacher I know!! I am going to miss all of the teachers in my block next year I don't want to leave ;( . This year was a great experience for me to go to Kawau Island and see all the creatures like Weaks the native bird of New Zealand. I am going to miss my best friends Taunese,Rowana,Jessica and Ashley Hope you guys have a great holiday. Next year I hope my friends won't go to a another school because I'm going to miss them there help me with so much. I am going to miss 2014 but I hope next year will be better have a Very Merry Christmas

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Art Attack

Elizabethgs Art Acttack from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo. This is my Art Attack  that I have drawn. It is about two girls going for a walk. This artwork is from Camille Pissarro called a "A bridge over a pound of water lilies". Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Bear Grylls A survival guide for life

This is the book I am reading this mouth it is such a good book to read when having free time. I love this book so much it's a survival guide to life it is so helpful. You must read this you can find it in the book shop. Hope you enjoy

The Satellite Blow up!!

A rock is coming for the satellite really slowly. Space is stillness and nothing can happen but something sends the satellite a secret massage. NASA discovers that it was a bomb that will blow the satellite up.

NASA choices two people to go up and see what’s going on to save the internet. There names are Emma Rose and Joe Rose brother and sister fight together to save the internet.

Emma and Joe go’s up into space  and have 5 mins to set the timer off. Then there cut the wires and the timer go off and go back to earth. Emma and Joe save the internet Yeah!!!  

How to:Mosaics Heart

1. First you need to draw anything you want
2. Then you will need to cut some little pieces of paper you will only 3 colours.
3. Then glue the pieces in the paper.

You will need: Pencil,coloured paper,paper, scissors, and a glue-stick.  

Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How to: Pikachu BMO

Here is how to draw a pikachu BMO. Hope you enjoy

Victoria Bun's

We were learning about the  Victorian ages. We were learning about the clothing and the food so we made Victoria bun's it was so nice!!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Kawau Island Recount

Have you been to Kawau island? Well the years sixes and I went there for camp we went with our teachers too. Kawau island was fun for us to work us a team and learn about nature. I was on of the leaders.

On kawau island there is a mountain called killer hill. We had it climb  for fitness everyday when we wake up. then we had to have breakfast, the teachers would tell us to stand up , and sing . Then we could leave to get breakfast after that the teachers will  send us to our activity to get change before we leave.

The teams were called: Kawau,Mansion,Benzon,and Kats. I was the team leader for Mansion. our first activity was ad-selling I was so terrified to climb up the big tall tower and come back down with ropes around me. Then after that we went Kayaking we went with one of our teacher  and with another teacher named  Erin she took us to see some sting-rays. It was fun to see some for the first time.

At the end of the day we got to have free time we got to swim and jump off the wharf. After we had to have a shower after the swim we had more free time to wait for dinner. I was playing softball with some of my friends. Then we went to have some  dinner we had burgers and  potato chips.  I Love Kawau island

Monday, 17 November 2014

Elizabeth and Fianu's Kawau island DLO

This is a bit about kawau island I did with my friend finau . We are going to kawau island for camp this week hope you enjoy.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Number 8 wire

This week I have been reading a book about two men who make a sculpt out of number 8 wire. I am going to be making a silver fern out of number 8 wire. Hope you enjoyed

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Leisure Activities From Then To Now

in the 1800's this is there leisure activities. And this is what in 2014 we do for our leisure activity.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Victorian Era

This is a map that shows all the country's that tells you how the chilldern in Victorian era know what country there in.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to be a good Pt Englander

When I was five years old I came to Pt England school and I learnt how to do the Pt England way. Now-days we can teach the other year one kids. We do the Pt England way by being polite,wearing it with pride and being cyber smart.

At Pt England we have to be polite to the others kid and to use our manners. We have to look after the little children so, when they grow up they will look after the other little kids that come. Being polite is apart of the Pt England way. I show being polite by letting the other person go first.

At Pt England we wear red and black clothing. If we wear a different colour of clothing we call it “your not wearing it with pride”. But if we are wearing the right clothing we are wearing it with pride. I show it by wearing all of my clothing.

For us we at Pt England school we don’t use paper or pencil we use netbook. SO we have to be cyber smart  where ever we go. We have to take a case if we have to go somewhere so we have to be cyber smart at school and at home. I show being cyber smart by doing the right thing on the internet.

These are the  three things of how to be a good Pt England. I hope this can help you when you feel you need it. When you are in trouble you can use this.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Power out-Holidays

One sunny slightly cold school holiday morning the power got cut. I had to go to my brothers house . My Mum,Dad,, brothers and sister had to go home to get all  of our stuff. I stayed  At my brother house because the power got cut and we needed breakfast we were watching Houdini the great illusionist.

I was about to go sleep when my brother got a call from my Mum. saying “I’m coming to get Elizabeth the power is back on” I said “NOOOOOO!!!” in the background. I really wanted to sleepover.

My Mum was taking so long to get to my brother house. My Mum texted to say that my other brother is still sleepover they were getting lollies. I was so disappointed when my brother got to sleepover and not me so my mum got me some lollies for me too I said “Thanks Mum”.

In the end my cousins came over for a warm meal and to play on the Ipad. I was so delighted that they came. Not everyone got their power back. We were playing the impossible quiz we were laughing so hard it was so cool.  It was good that I had my family.Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Movie Of the Week

Have you heard of the movie "DIVERGENT'. Well it's a movie that is like the "Hunger Games" but on killing people. But everyone is split up in four groups called Dauntless the brave, Amity the peaceful,Candor the honest, Abnegation the selfless, and the Erudite the intelligent.

Dauntless is the bravest faction out of all the factions they wear dark black clothing. It's  like there the police  they look out for the other people.Dauntless is one of the most brave and the most risk taking people.

Amity is the peaceful people that help the people to. They wear light and bright red and yellow clothing. Amity loves to be peaceful and friendly they love to create music with the other people they meet.

Candor is the most honest they tell the truth. They wear light grey clothing with black on it. They are like Dauntless but they don't fight.

Abnegation is the selfless. The wear grey clothing. They help the faction-less and feed them so they don't die.

Erudite is the intelligent faction. They wear blue clothing. Erudite is the intelligent and the most smart people.

And the last one is faction-less. Faction-less is when you don't fit on the faction or don't get better at it.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Spring Writing


Under the oak tree,kicked back by the beach from a view,chill going down your spine, the bright sun light on you. I layed down on the hot and tropical sand while the cool breeze comes to me from the oak wood tree. I feel relaxed and chill.

Today in class we have been doing creative writing. We had to write a sentence about this picture. As a class we chose the sentence we liked to best and then added to it. Here is my sentence and the sentence I added to.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

Ambassador Recount

On the 18th of September  2014 class 6, 7 & 8 went on a trip to the Museum. But I didn’t go because  I am an Ambassador and we had a speaking on that day. After we finished speaking we had to split up some of us went to Miss Kings and some went to Miss Rapold.

I went to Miss Kings class with Collin ,Khaia, and Marilyn. We helped Miss King by helping the kids to film their movies. The movies were about being a superhero.

After woods we had morning tea we went to see all the Ambassadors. It was so cold outside. All the Ambassador hutled all together to make ourselves warm.

The bell rang for us to come inside. First we did some maths and had some milk in 5 mins  time Miss King was going to take us too Gymnastics  it was hard for us. It was fun at Miss Kings class the best part was when I was helped the kids with the movies.

The is a recount about not going to the museum but the Ambassadors are going on Tuesday. I was in a class with Khaia,Coilln,& Marilyn. Hope you enjoy   

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Punctuation Continent

This week we were learning about punctuation and continents. My teacher made a  paragraph that was  edited and one that was unedited. Hope you enjoy.

North America Continent

Do you know what Continents are? Well a continent is a big giant piece of land. There are 7 continents named Asia,North America,South America,Africa,Europe, and Australia.

North America Continent
North America is a Continent that has the population of 565,265,000. Thats a-lot of people in North America. Did you know that North America  has 10 cities or countries named  
Mexico city,Los Angeles.New York,Toronto,Chicago,Houston,Havana,Guadalajara,Montreal,and Philadelphia.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


We had to invent a game because we were learning about the Commonwealth games .
This is the game that I made up called game-ball. I shared this earlier on my blog.

I hope you like  it.

Below you can see a rubric that shows how well I did. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mutton Birding part 2

This is the timeline of how mutton birding came about. Hope you enoy.

Use my Brain Use my heart I'm going to be Cyber smart

At assembly 2014 Mr Burt did a korero  and it was called use my brain, use my heart, I'm going to be cyber smart. If you have a computer at home you should always been cyber smart and be good online. TIP never go on a bad website.  

Use my brain means to use your brain when your going to do something.TIP Always check  before you go on the website. Never go on anything  your not supposed to go on.

if someone is asking you to do a bad thing with them use your heart. Never go with someone if they're going to do something bad. Tell them to stop.

Be good when you're on the  computer. Never say bad things to people. TIP stay away from social media sites.

If you can use your brain and use your heart you can be cyber smart online. This can help you in real life and online. TIP Be nice to other people and you will  better life.

Ika Monana Part 2:)

 I think whaling was for people just to get the  whales meat and oil and bubber. Whaling is sad to kill whales but it for the food. I have been researched about whaling for this week and it was fun and sad at the same time.

I have been reading a book called Ika Monana it's about whaling. Hope you enjoy

Monday, 8 September 2014

Ika Moana

Did you know that a  sperm whale lives for 60 years and weighs 18.5. Sperm whale are the largest whales in the world. And it has the largest head.
I have been reading a book called Ika Monan it's about whaling
Here is a photo

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Culture Task

This is my punctuation task that we had to do. This is meaning what is culture. Hope you enjoy.

Explaining My Game

This is a game called game-ball and it came from the beautiful girl name Elizabeth and it was made in New Zealand. 

The aim of the game is to hit the tennis ball into the your opponents goal. If you want to play netball and tennis at the same time then you can play game-ball.

The equipment you will need is  a netball dress, a tennis ball, a tennis racket, shin pads and your team. When you play Game-Ball you will need 5 tennis balls for each team and two soccer goals and  9 tennis rackets per team.  You can play it on a basketball court or a netball court as long as they are the same size.

The aim is to get the tennis ball into the other teams goal and that is one point. 
If the the other team comes too close to you you get a penalty hit. 

The rules are that you can’t touch other players or be too close or that is a penalty hit to the other team. 

Hope you have enjoyed this game.

Here is my made up game. Called Game-ball and the photo I have drew. Hope you enjoyed and play the game.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Netball Information

How to play netball or get points?
To play netball you do to defend your partner to get to the goal. To get points you have to get the ball all the way to the goal shoot or the goal attack.. If you push the player it will be the other teams ball.

What are the rules?
The rules how you have to be 3 meters away from your partner when passing ball if you do it is a contact. But if the ball comes out and it was from the other player it’s your teams ball and if you run with the ball or bounds the ball it will go to the other team.

How does this event begins?
First you have to wait for the hooter to be sound and then the whistle has to blow then the game will start.

What are the positions?
The positions are Wing Attack, Wing Defends,Center,Goal Attack,Goal Shoot,Goal Defends, And goal keep.

What are the  skills played in the game?
The silks played in netball is pivoting passing running and jumping.

Hope you enjoy.

How many player are in the game?
There are seven players playing with two subs.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Seoul Korea

  This is the how it look in Seoul korea. The playground only has concrete and sand and fun things to play on. In New Zealand we have bark and wood for the boarder. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What Is Culture?

What is culture ?
Culture is  a way to show the rituals and the different values of the country. Culture is  a unique 
way to show where you have come from. It helps you to understand people and what the believe.

Did you know in Japan the other women wear a dress which is called a kimono.And there drink tea. But in my culture we love dancing and singing and cooking. Yes! I am a cook islander.

Today we were learning about what is culture. I was doing what culture is and how it showed .Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Friday, 8 August 2014

Cutting Breaks

This week I have been reading a book called break out. It is a book about break dancing. It had something called a cutting breaks and a cutting breaks is when you get two records and mix them so there is no gaps in the music and that it never stop only if you want it to. Hope you enjoy bye.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Area Problem

The birthday card had a front cover measuring 15cm by 10cm what is area of piece of cardboard used to make it?
A: First I measured 10cm by 15cm and added it and it 25cm and that is how I got it
Hope you enjoy

and click on the link to go to watch the video hope you enjoy it

My Teamwork

This is my move note video all about teamwork. Hope you enjoy

World War 1

World war 2 Facts
1. The only nation that Germany declared war on was the USA.

2.  3-4 ground men were wounded for each killed

3.Over 60 million people were killed, which was over 2.5% of the world population.

Today we had assembly and it was all about world war one. It was on a monday and we had assembly Mr burt was talking about what had happened in the world war . At the end of the centenary we heard the bugler and it was playing last post we heard it while the New Zealand flag was going half way. Then we all went to class.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Reading Activity

I have been reading a story about teamwork. A team of netball players who are learning to work together. I predict that the the girls will win the game

Monday, 28 July 2014

In-line Roller Hockey

This is part 2 about in-line roller hockey in the drawing you will found at all about the equipment and much more. hope you enjoy

Holiday Hightlight

What a fun time me and my second older Brother had. At my older Brother’s house late at night to watch movies and to play games. I was on the laptop watching funny videos and playing games my two older Brother were playing games on the ps3.

It was so late at night we decided to go and get some pizza and chicken to eat and played more and more games. At about 12 or 11 I went to sleep. But my Brothers still were playing games.

The next day we had breakfast and I had coco pops with juice. After a while we started to clean up. My older Brother went to pick up my Nephew and then I had to look after him.

That day my Mum called my Brother and told him to bring us back Home to help her with a feed we were going to. SO my Brother dropped us home and said bye then we went inside and he left. It was so fun it hang out with my older brother again.

Friday, 25 July 2014

In-Line Roller Hockey

Gear Name
Used to
To protect your head.
full face mask
To protect your face.

knee pads
To protect your knees.
padded black hockey pants
To protect your legs.
elbow pads
To protect your elbow.
shin pads and strong boots
To protect your shin and your ankles.
This is my table for what you will need for in-line roller hockey. Hope you enjoy. Bye

Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Running


My Estimation

I think my pace will be 80 cm.

My Pace Results

Length of pace (m)

Length of pace (cm)

10 metres

9 paces



10 paces

 10.79 metres



I estimated my pace would be about 80cm when running. It was longer, only about 111cm. Both the ways I measured came out the diffident so I think my pace at running to a bit longer.