Thursday, 13 April 2017

Fono Fale

What is the fono fale? (Research)
Fono fale was created by fuimaono karl pulotu-Endermann as a pacific island model of health. It concludes the values of Samoa, Cook Island, Tongan , Fiji  , Niue , and Tokelau

What is different about it compared to Hāuora? The differences about it is that the hauora is the maori type of the 4 walls the fono fale is the pacific type of the 4 walls.
What is similar compared to Hāuora?The similarity about it is that the 4 walls remained the same the only thing that changed about is the names.

Do you like the Hāuora model or the fono fale model more? Why? I think I like the fonofale better than the Hauora because it more about what I know since it includes the values of the pacific islands.  

If you look at the top you can see a picture of what I have created, I created a Volleyball court and compared it to the fono fale and hauora but I changed it into a volleyball court since I like playing sports.
Image result for Fono faleImage result for hauora
These two pictures are the fono fale and hauora designs, so out task was to change it and make it into our own design.