Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Run Run Run !!!

This is a photo that I drew but it's not that perfect but I hope you like it. This is the best I have done so please leave a comment . RUN RUN RUN !! AS FAST AS YOU CAN LTTLE MAN .

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Yeah!! it's my birthday today and i'm ten years old and we made rainbow cupcakes wilt blue icing . It was yummy and have you had a go of the l and p chocolate bar will it is so yummy i can eat a big pack by myself  . But my mum said i can't because to sweet and i say " Sweet as bro " hahaha yummy but  here is a photo of a rainbow cupcake hope you enjoy .

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Here is some photo's of the fireworks from the matariki light tail it was so much fun . And it was my brothers birthday mokani  and the sound for the fireworks was so loud . But it was cool and i can't wait for my birthday on the 28th of july my older brother said that he will take my to the movies . Yeah I can wait for that and hope you enjoyed it

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Matariki Lights and fireworks

Yeah! :)  today is my brother mokani birthday  and tonight we are going to the matariki light tail again . And i will be taking photos there and i will be posting to on my blog . But one thing i might put it  up on Sunday but hey that tomorrow  . Yeah and i will have heaps  of candy on Sunday and i will tell you why put i will do that tomorrow . Will talk to you tomorrow hope you enjoy this blog post from Elizabeth .

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Matariki Light tail

Here are some more photo's that we took from the matariki light tail . Hope you enjoy and you might see my little sister if you want But you have to say yes on the comments but in big words . If you do i will out them up . But here is one photo of her hahahahah

Matariki lights tail

Here are the photo's we took with the I PAD it was so fun I loved it so much and i can't wait for Saturday Because it's my brother mokani's birthday and Mrs Burt said that their is going to be fireworks their and it will be fun . I have more but they can't fit and on Friday Me My Brother and my little baby sister are going to my mum's work yeah and we can get money hehe . Hope you enjoyed it

Sunday, 14 July 2013

School Holidays

No! It’s school holidays and I will have a great time. So I’m going to be having my birthday on the 28th of July and it’s a day before school. We will go to the movies and shopping. I can’t wait for Saturday because Mr Burt said that there will be  some little lights on my street. I am going to miss my netbook but one thing I will miss too is my teacher and my friends.

On Wednesday I am going to my Mum’s work. It is going to be cool. I will take my book and that and I hope I can go on my email and my blog. I hope my mum has a webcam, I can’t wait for that too.  And I can’t wait for Tuesday me and my brothers will help clean the creek.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Maths whizz

This is how many mins I have done on maths whizz. And it was long I hope I get up to 1000. next time and I hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Weekly Reflection

This week I have learned to that friendship can end and start again .
Next week I want to try get my work done in time .

The Vampire who stars in a tv show

One sunny day Their was a  handsome vampire bat and his name was  Toby  he was a movie star on your  going to get it . He  was alway into Trouble and he was a BAD bat in the class when he goes to school . No one knew he was a vampire But he was always into trouble he would always bite people just for being mean to him so he bite everyone in his class but not the Teacher and the nice people but their was one person who knew  he was a vampire bat . And his name was Rocky he was too scary to tell him because he was his best friend .

Later that day Rocky went to tell Toby so  Rocky Yelled “ Toby are you a vampire bat ‘’ and  Toby Yelled “ YES ‘’ and Rocky started to ran because he was SCARY that he was going to BITE him . But Rocky Looked back and Toby was despondent and Rocky went to the police to report  . But Toby knew he was going to the  police so toby went to the police and he bit all of them on the police  office  and when Rocky came there was people on the ground and he was crying and so he stayed of it .

The next day Rocky saw Toby and they started to talk as they were  stomped to the car Toby took Rocky back to his house . And Toby’s mother whispered “ Who is that he look’s like a vampire ?‘’ . She had a weird look on her face And when Toby came in she yelled to him  and said “ Who was that did you know he was a vampire ‘’ . And Toby Yelled ssssshhhhhhhhh ! and mum said “ why ‘’  and Toby yelled  “ HE WILL Bite  US ‘’


This are the things that where Left on the table so it's bird eggs cocoa and a book . So I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.

Here is the link to the site if you won't to know all about Shackleton.

Sir Ernest Henry Shacklton

Here is somethings I did not know about this person . And his name is Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton  So if you won't to know when he died or born . Well Keep on reading and  I hope you enjoy

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Stinky street

I am going to be telling you  a  story about  two boys who are named Josh and franklin  they where best friends but their was one problem  franklin was moving  and he didn't  won't to . And he did not like to have showers and have a swimming pool . But he love staying at his house that he is living on but his mother was having twins  and they needed a new house to live in.
here is the link if you want to read it

Monday, 8 July 2013

time capsule

This is a time capsule it is a special thing to people in the olden days and i want to do that when i go home i am going to make one . Hope you enjoy

Friday, 5 July 2013

Good bye Tylah we will miss you ( but you are not there for good)

Now tylah is leaving but not for long she will be back in five years and i know that is a long time she is going to oz . But we will keep in touch for long even if we have work to do we will miss her so bad . And she send this photo to me that her ant give to her to send it to me i thick but it's good will not going to oz I'm going to her fair will   do i will so a lot of people i don't know . And here is the photo she send to me
and here is her song she loves and me to so Tylah this is for you.

Weekly Reflection

This week I have learned to that friendship can end and start again .
Next week I want to try get my work done in time .

Thursday, 4 July 2013


This is my cousins song and I don't know her name but it was my cousin . So R.I.P nia and this is a photo of her and she is a glassie . And my last name is cool to me and my family so hope you enjoy it.


On a Sunny day Room 14,13,16,17,and 18 went to KELLY TARLTONS and it was a blast. It was the first time I went to Kelly Tarltons was when I went to Sunday school and I saw penguins , Fish , seahorse , sharks,and stingrays . “BUT ‘’ I’m not on the part just yet but I’m getting there so when we got there we asked Miss Ouano “ miss why is it  small ? ‘’ well the kelly tarltons sea life Aquarium is builded underground if you didn't know.

When we got to  Kelly tarltons we first went to the penguins encounters it  a blast because i have never saw a penguin before. But now i have and after we saw the penguins we went to the guy named after scott base  and we went to scott’s hut. When we got there in scott’s hut i saw a  bowl of ice on top of the wood . And i put my hand in and it was cold like antarctica when i put it in.

Then after we looked at the penguins we went to the classroom with Janice she was one of the kelly tarlton sea life Aquarium staff. She was talking so much about the penguins and scott's hut and and scott base . She said to miss ouano that “ teachers can you choose two people to come up and try on what scott wear when he was out in the cold ‘’  and miss ouano  choose me  and Junior but I was wearing the old day ones and it was so hot my nose was bloody .

Then after we went to Janice we went to have lunch I had some jellyfish gummy  and other things . Then we went back inside and we had a task to do and it was researching one thing that we learned from kelly tarlton they said one but I did two I researched about the kingfish and  scott’s hut .  And their was one thing that made my happy and it was the shark i know people say it’s scary  but to me it feels like I’m in the cook Island which i miss and i loved the sea house because it was the first time i have seen a sea house .

Maori Months

I hope you enjoy
Months in Maori by Room 14 Girls from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Kelly Tarlton

Here is Kelly Tarltons in the penguins place . It was so fun with them i loved it so much i hope we go back again . And i hope you enjoy the movie and i videoed it .
MVI 0236 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Kelly Tarlton

Did you know that king fish is also that as known as a yellow-tail, Kahn or haiku . The Kahn or haiku
is 2m long and king-fish is also the fastest fish in the school will not the school there must be more that are fast  . And they grow up to 2 metres and to ( 6 feet ) Wow .

Scott's hut
Did you know that  Scott's Hut is a building located on the north shore of Cape Evans on Ross Island in Antarctica. It was erected in 1911 by the British Antarctic Expedition of 1910–1913 led by Robert Falcon Scott.  And scott’s hut has been a  bad place for Kelly Tarlton’s because on of the Kelly tarlton’s penguins died  and it was sad .  In the school room i had to dress up like captain Robert falcon scott and my  nose was bloodied because i was hot in it .

here is the photo of captain Robert falcon scott and soctt's hut  This is what i was wearing