Monday, 23 May 2016

Friday, 20 May 2016

Paper Maceh

Today we made some paper macehs with Miss Berry. Instead of making Paper maceh we made it with balloons and string. Miss Berry told us to cover the string in glue and put it on the balloon. The glue we covered the string with was PVA glue, When the string was covered we wrapped it around the balloon and kept going until we thought it was done. We hang it outside and let it dry, when it's dry we can pop it and eat our lolly that was inside

Thursday, 19 May 2016

I Lumimate

we had some very special guests come to Pt England, they were called I Luminate. I Luminate is a dance group that is from Usa, and they are not a normal type of dance group. This dance group dances with l e d lights attached to their custom. That custom they wear has to be all black, While dancing there's one person who is controlling the lights on their custom.

On Tuesday three people from I Luminate came to our school and danced for us. We were all amazed of what they did for us, I thought that they were very talented and were the best dances I ever saw. When they were done they come out and did the New Zealand Haka, It was really funny how they did the New Zealand haka because it was their first time doing it. When everyone left Mrs Tele’a said “Okay everyone it’s not over yet the year 7&8’s get to ask the I Luminate crew questions”. Sadly I didn’t get to ask a question but all the questions that were asked were really funny and entertaining.

After all that they had to leave and go to the next place they had to perform too. It was a really fun seeing them dance and making my laugh sometimes.
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This is what we have been doing this week, The bottom sides is giving advice to my friends who want to go to Samoa on a waka. The top sides is about summarising how navigators used the Stars,Clouds,Birds, and ocean Swells. hope you enjoyed.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Broad Street killing

Have you heard about the Cholera outbreak??  Click the arrow to found out what it's about. Hope you Enjoy

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Year 8 Camp Highlight

Last Term the year 8’s went to Marsden Point for our leadership camp. Going to Marsden Point taught us more leaderships skills that we knew so we took those skills into action, by looking after the little kids and working together as a team. We also had some cool activity also.

The Activities were Push play,fire pit,Waterside,flying-fox,Angel Art,Archery,Kayaking, But all of the groups could only do four activities each. My team was called North Beach and our first activity was Angel art. At Angel Art we got to relax and draw some photos that would be showed at school. My drawing was drawing that is most important to me. I really enjoyed Angel art because we got to relax and draw.

Our next activity was Waterside, Waterside was my favourite activity to do. At Marsden point they have a very long and fun to slide on. On the waterside we had to make ourselves slippery so we could go faster while we're sliding down the slide.

Archery was next and it was with Mr Wiseman, when we are shooting our arrows we have to make sure no one is near the target while we shoot, Mr Wiseman said that we had to wear a something on our arm just in case when we shoot the for the target the bow string or the puller would not hurt our risk.

Our last activity was the fire pit with Miss Flavaelle, The fire pit is just baking and we baked chocolate chip cookies. Miss Flavaelle said if we wanted to play with the pool table but we played with it after we baked the cookies. But then we were all too tired to play pool so we just sat and  had a few talks and a few naps.

It was now 4 o'clock and Mrs Tele’a asked if we could do the make up activity, Which meant if we wanted to do an activity we haven’t already done. So I went to the flying fox, the flying fox was really fun to go on because it was a nice view from afar.  Mr J said it’s easier to put your foot at the end of the wood put I just jumped off. I was going extremely fast I even hit the end, but while I was coming down I felt like I was flying like a bird.

Aspiration Speakers

Mr Andrew Patterson came into our year 7&8 block and firstly told us three Words Aspiration,Motivation, and Inspiration. These three words would of Motivated us or Inspired us which indeed did. Mr Andrew Patterson bring  two people who spoke to us about two different stories which were very helpful for us in the future.

The first speaker was a girl name Arizona, She came to talk to us about achieving our dreams as how she did by working at Disney World in america and had many amazing jobs like working at like mai fm. She said that we should live our dream because life is too short to wait for it.

The Second speaker was a guy  with a completely different story, His name was Kense his story was about coming from a hard life in Samoa. He said that he had a twin but he died when he was born, He lived just with his Mother and had no Father until they came to New Zealand. He said when they came to New Zealand he didn't really know how to speak English so he when he went to school he was mostly likely called a fod. When he was in school he hanged out with bad people put he learned most of it at home.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Place Value

Hope you enjoyed.

Maori Legends

This week is the first week back at school. And the year 7&8's are going to be learning about the waka's, and will also be drawing some pictures along the way also. This week in Miss Berry's class we are reading two maori legends and it is Maui's magic fishhook and Kupe and the discoverer of New Zealand. Hope you enjoyed

Immersion Assembly

We are all now back at school, And It's the First day of Term 2 Yay! I walk into school and the first thing I see is the school topic for the Term Which is As I see it. When I first thought about it what were going to be doing I thought we were going to be learning about how we see things, But when I went to go talk to Mr Jacobsen He said that It was about art!! Inside I was really bumped for the term to come, but on the outside I looked normal.

After I went to talk to Mr J I suddenly hear girls laughing and by the laugh I could tell it was my friends. So I go for a little search for them and they were noway to be found, But as I go for my search to found my friends the bell suddenly rings. I race back to class and put my bag away but then me and Marilyn have to go to the hall and give out the stickers to the little kids. Me and Marilyn went to go get the stickers boxes from Mr Burt office.

Me and Marilyn were waiting for the first class and also playing around, But soon after and a few macking around's the whole school was in the hall and Immersion Assembly is well away. My favourite part of Immersion Assembly was Team 4 &5. Team 4 is going to be learning about Grand Designs and architecture and they will also be drawing builds. Team 5 Is going to be learning and drawing the waka and the school house colours.