Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Culture Background

Image result for cook island patternsIn this life we live in we can't change who we are, No matter where,what or who we come from it will never change. I am a Proud Cook Islander from the village Vaipae, and Vaipeka, My Mother is from Aitutaki, Pukapuka, and Penrhyn, My Father is also from Aitutak like my Mother .In my Family our culture roots are very strong every year we either go to the Cook Islands for the whole summer holidays or we will just stay and visit our extended family the whole summer holidays as well. My Dad has many Brothers and Sisters  so I grew up with many overprotective Uncle's and Aunty's which I was really grateful with, But my Mum didn't have much sidings because she was adopted. I am really grateful with all these things that have happen  in my life. Hope you enjoyed  I can't wait to go back home away from home

Part Whole

Walt I can split numbers into ones, tens and hundreds to solve subtraction problems.Hope you enjoy

Nga Pakanaga O Aotearoa

This is a story about the wars of New Zealand. This book as really challenged me and I have finished it in the neck of time. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Life Mihi

This year is my last year at Pt England School and I want to make my last year count. This is my Mihi I have be working on for the past few weeks, Now that I have competed I can share my work with the work. Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fair Chocolate

Last week we were learning about the fair trade companies and what they are. Hope you enjoy

The Battle

This is the reading work we were working on this week. Hope you enjoy

Word Problems

This week In maths we were learning about statistics and probably. This goggle presentation has a few word problems that I have worked out today. Hope you enjoy

Friday, 4 March 2016

Narrative Intro

         Trick or Treat

Trick and Treat is the time of year when people go door knocking on other people’s doors and hopefully get candy. Sometimes on Halloween people watch scary movies, dress up into scary clothing and have a very scary experiment in a haunted house. Two sisters went trick and treating and saw a house, this house had a creepy feel. Their parents told them they are not allowed to go to it.