Sunday, 13 April 2014

Proud To Be Me

When I was a little girl one-day I was thinking to myself  I will be proud  of  myself  one-day that day is today. WHY? will I was never good at anything I do but once I grew up I played lots of sports got fit eat health. Once I was a little girl I remember I was with my family and my nana that past we went to the sky-tower it was the best day ever.   I grew older and I knew that each day you would make mistakes and learn from then. each day you can make memories with family and friends 1 thing I like is playing lots of sports. What you your highlight of you like? plzz tell me in the comments hope you enjoy.  




Friday, 11 April 2014

Tamaki College WON!

YAY! I am so happy that Tamaki College WON so last night we were listening to  Mai FM radio and she  said. Tamaki College WON! it was so cool that Tamaki College won because they were doing something called #maihsh Tamaki college. SO this was good news to Tamaki college and my family.

#Maihsh Tamaki College Crowns up 
From Elizabeth


We are lucky to have professional coaches teaching us in swimming lesson, so I made the most of it and worked really hard to improve my technique.  

The instructors helped us to swim better be teaching us some skills
with the flutter board. We learn how to do rocket arms,arm circles,breathing and fast little kicks. Our instructor told us when had breath that we need to remember 3  things Brain,goggles,and cheak.

On a sunny day we went to the pools and it was our last lesson that we had. We were doing relay races it was exhausting to race up and down the pool. My team was frustrated they knew that we were going to lose.

Our lesson were hard work at times, but it was worth it.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Scale Maps

This week we have been learning a lot of geometry but this week we are learning about scale maps. Hope you enjoy the scale map.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My Family Photos

I am thankful that I have a beautiful family that loves me and cares for everyone not even just us. We have a big giant help from the family in Australia and New Zealand that we can visit from time to time. I have two brothers and one baby sister and one Mum and Dad that I live with. We love to join lots of sports together that we love can play. Hope you like this post like I like it Bye.

Easter Holidays-Yay!

Yay! it's going to be the  school holidays soon I just cant wait for it I am going to Hastings with my cousins and uncle and my ant. We are going to be having a good time there but I don't think I am going to be blogging so this is my post about what we are going to be doing. I will be talking some photos and videos I think. But I hope you enjoy this blog post bye

Monday, 7 April 2014

Friday, 4 April 2014

My Maths Work

Hi Sorry that I have not been posting I am doing some work and some longer post so you can read it. 
This shows what I know and what I am learning in maths.  If the face is coloured I already know
it and if it is white then I’m still practising.  Keep checking back to see my progress.