Friday, 18 October 2013

Weekly Reflection

Hope you enjoy my Weekly ReflectionThis week I have learned to be good at maths and nice to friends

Riverside Camp

Last Week in the school holidays I went to Riverside Camp at Willow Park. It was so cool you know how I talked about riverside. And how I broke my hand? Yeah but this time I never did. But it was fun first we had free time until lunch time. For lunch we had a meat pie with a green garden salad it was yummy-in-my-tummy.

The next day I had a beautiful sleep until Tia came in and woke me up. We had to go to fitness. So when it was finished we had a shower and I didn't have one because we were doing devotion. After devotion we had breakfast. For breakfast I had yoghurt and rice pops it was yum. After breakfast we had so free time and Mr Burt we giving us some money but it was fake money. Then I had a shower.

Later I was playing outside with Khaia and Anna at the park.  Mr Burt rang the bell and we all had to come inside. We were going to play water game but I didn't want to play with water but I had to. So we started to play and it was very cold to.

Then I had to have another shower because  I was dirty and wet so I washed my hair it get all the grass out and stuff. So I came out and got dressed and went to play some more. After we went to church and we sing some songs I know the name it was walk by faith, and thats all I know sorry I don’t know some.

                                                 THE END

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


This is my cookie that I made on Monday we are learning about farming  and food. So hope you like it and enjoy it bye. Elizabeth