Thursday, 10 December 2015

Friday, 4 December 2015

Rhyming Poems

Walking To Tamaki College For Technology.
Walking in two lines  we're off to tech
We had a feeling the lines  would be a wreck,
Walking and walking all the way,
“Keep up the great work” Mr Wiseman says

As we walk we chatter
Like nothing else matters,
Wood work was the group I was in for today,
Hoping and daydreaming Mr Pineda would say “Hooray”.

Walking in a fast pace
An old lady walked past holding her suitcase,
The teachers say we were there mates
Therefore the lines were straight.

We were back to school
when the year 7’s act like fools,
“In your class lines” Mrs Tele’a Says
My birthdays in May,
I hear from meters away.

This is a poem about what we do while we are off at tech. Hope you enjoy