Thursday, 30 October 2014

Leisure Activities From Then To Now

in the 1800's this is there leisure activities. And this is what in 2014 we do for our leisure activity.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Victorian Era

This is a map that shows all the country's that tells you how the chilldern in Victorian era know what country there in.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to be a good Pt Englander

When I was five years old I came to Pt England school and I learnt how to do the Pt England way. Now-days we can teach the other year one kids. We do the Pt England way by being polite,wearing it with pride and being cyber smart.

At Pt England we have to be polite to the others kid and to use our manners. We have to look after the little children so, when they grow up they will look after the other little kids that come. Being polite is apart of the Pt England way. I show being polite by letting the other person go first.

At Pt England we wear red and black clothing. If we wear a different colour of clothing we call it “your not wearing it with pride”. But if we are wearing the right clothing we are wearing it with pride. I show it by wearing all of my clothing.

For us we at Pt England school we don’t use paper or pencil we use netbook. SO we have to be cyber smart  where ever we go. We have to take a case if we have to go somewhere so we have to be cyber smart at school and at home. I show being cyber smart by doing the right thing on the internet.

These are the  three things of how to be a good Pt England. I hope this can help you when you feel you need it. When you are in trouble you can use this.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Power out-Holidays

One sunny slightly cold school holiday morning the power got cut. I had to go to my brothers house . My Mum,Dad,, brothers and sister had to go home to get all  of our stuff. I stayed  At my brother house because the power got cut and we needed breakfast we were watching Houdini the great illusionist.

I was about to go sleep when my brother got a call from my Mum. saying “I’m coming to get Elizabeth the power is back on” I said “NOOOOOO!!!” in the background. I really wanted to sleepover.

My Mum was taking so long to get to my brother house. My Mum texted to say that my other brother is still sleepover they were getting lollies. I was so disappointed when my brother got to sleepover and not me so my mum got me some lollies for me too I said “Thanks Mum”.

In the end my cousins came over for a warm meal and to play on the Ipad. I was so delighted that they came. Not everyone got their power back. We were playing the impossible quiz we were laughing so hard it was so cool.  It was good that I had my family.Hope you enjoyed.