Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Explanation writing - WITS

Pt England is using a word called WITS it can help you when you're have a problem. 

W- When you are having a problem with someone you can use W for walk away.
Sometimes I walk away to calm down.

I- When I’m always in a bad mood and someone comes and says “ I hate you” I Ignore it.
Even if it is my brothers who say that stuff to me and Ignore it in my head.

T- When I’m with my friends I love to chat to them but sometime when we play a game some people take the ball and play with it. But we tell them to talk about it  and so we play a game together. They give the ball to us and we take it back to the sports shed.

S-  S stands for seek help when you a in a problem you want to get out of you can tell the teacher to help you. When I need help I seek for a friend of mine to help me. I sometimes love to seek for people who need help

. W- Walk away I-Ignore it  T-Talk about S- Seek help use all these tips so you can stay safe.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Stride Jumps

This is my stride jumps  from my maths class. What we had to do was first we add our first stride jumps from last week and add them to together. Hope you enjoy

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Morning Activities Photos

Here is some photo of our morning activities I was making some art on me netbook it was fun. Hope you enjoy. 

The Tame Eels of Anatoki

Here is my presentation on the tame eels of Anatoki River. I found out that it was tame from a girl who feed it everyday how cool is that.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to Plant a Bead Seed

How to Plant Bean Seeds

You will Need
potting mix
bean seeds
plant pots

1.  First you need to get your bean seeds and some planting pots to put your seeds in.

2. After you have done that you need to fill your potting mix up to 2/3 fill.

3. Put your bean seeds in the pot and keep filling up the potting mix near to the top.

4. When you are finished you need to get some water and fill it up until the the potting mix is damp

5.Once you are done with that put your pot in a sunny place so it can grow.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Stem and Leaf Graph

Here is my  Stem and Leaf Graph as you can see that their is more in the teens then in the rest of them. This graph is about how many of the kids did sit-ups I did 15. I hope you like it   

Friday, 7 February 2014

Class Data

We Predict that-
1. That  their was more boys that like red then Green. T
2. That their was more girls that liked pizza then pasta. T
3. That their were more girls that had brown hair then black hair T
4. we predict that their was more children in class 8 then 6 and 7. T
1. We found that their was 12 girls
 and 12 boys. T

2. there are 18 boys that like pizza. T

3. and 2 girls that like pasta 

4. and 3 boys that like pasta too. T

Working On My Work

Here is a Photo of me that Mrs Burt took of me working. It not good but its from Mrs Burt yay! I hope I get in to softball. Hope you liked it Bye

Pizap Photos

Here are my photo's that I took  that was fun. Hope you liked it Bye

New Zealand Map

Add caption
Here is our look up for where in New Zealand is Takaka so here it is if you want to know. Looking this up was fun and Hope you like it

Holiday Highlight

 In the holidays on a beautiful day. Everyone in my family  went to the  beach on Sunday, one day before school.  We went to the beach again and we saw my cousins. Once I saw my cousins I saw that they had a softball bat and a ball. So we started to play softball it was so much fun so once we got HOTTER we went in the water it was nice and cold. At first the water was getting colder  in the water once it got colder we found  a drop that was  was a really deep once you go in you can't touch the ground. When we got deeper and deeper it was really hard to swim at time and we found a bottle of yuck stuff in it.  I was coming out my and my brother Mokani come in the water and said to me "Come on my shoulders" so I went on his shoulders. He  dived in the water and I went on his Shoulders  he got up and flip me over his back and flipped me in the water. When he flipped me I got really hungry so I went up and got some food to eat I had some fish n chips. Sometimes that I have to take my baby sister to the playground so I took her to the playground and she was crazy about going to the playground. After a few mins she went to sleep so I took her to me mum to sleep with her.

While she was sleeping I went to go on the playground because some of my friends from church come and we played rugby. I went back in the water and my cousins where still there and the tie was coming in so started to swim for a really long time. But My mum and dad left to go get something so I went with them my mum said to "get some ice-cream for you and the family" I got everyone a jelly tip and everyone loved it. When we come back I went for a little sleep in the van when I wake up I was in the van with my baby sister playing around the van. I got out and took my sister back to the playground with my older brother Teiro when my baby sister was finish my older brother took us to McDonald's.