Friday, 20 March 2015

Polyfest Trip

Yesterday the year 7&8's went to the ASB Polyfest we had fun and we even saw John Key at polyfest too. After we all were dismissed from the ground we went to our activity. Our  first activity was going to watch the speech's at the Niue stage and had some morning tea. We were watching the speech's   and  I wanted to go up and say the cook Island  speech too.  Later on we had to go to our next activity.

For our next activity we went to the flava photo booth we took lots of photos. It was one of my favourite places. When we finished taking our photos we played a game called pig it was a catching game alll we had to do was to catch the ball but if we drop it we get a p then a I and then a g. Then played donkey and a chapping game.

We went to the next activity and it was the one I was waiting for it was rock climbing. It was so fun we climbed to the top but I didn't because my hands were slippery and I fell. But it was fun any way I wanted to go again and try get to the top but  we had to leave and have lunch. after wards we went with our parent  helpers   to any were they wanted to go. I had fun at polyfest I hope I can go again.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Zeal Zone Come lets eat With Mrs Tele'a {Hambugers}

Last week we made some bugers and had a fundraiser and made some hot dogs. We were fundraiser for the year 8 camp it was hard to give all the hot dogs to the whole school.  Because it's was raining a storm outside. here is how you can make hamburgers

 1. First you can have any bread you like but I got buger buns

2. put anything you like on it but not yuck stuff like lollies..

3. Add the greens in it, it will make it nice.

4. Add the cooked meat and add the sauces.

5. Now your done you can now eat .

JPEG ImageHope you have enjoyed this Zeal Zone cooking steps by for next time  JPEG ImageJPEG ImageJPEG Image