Saturday, 3 January 2015

Trying to make A Book


This year I want to make a book called Life as a kid The first chapter  is going to be coming out really soon i'm just still writing it. It's about a Me though from when I was just one years old. That's all i'm going to be giving out. Hope you have a very good new years and god bless you all.

Life As A kid By Elizabeth

                                                                   Chapter 1

My name is Elizabeth. I'm writing this so when I'm older  21 years old I can post it online and  people can see it, I'm really 11 years old.
As my gets bigger and bigger I am seeing lots of  beautiful things in my life like nature and animals which is fun to see. But I want to see other things and do fun things.
Today I went to a really fun place called Tamiki Pide, it's a holiday program that me and my brother go to. His name is Mokani. We get to play  alot of games like volleyball, and basketball, it was really fun. Then we  had a BBQ it was so yummy and nice.
Soon after it was finished they were telling us that we were going to the pools tomorrow it was free for 16 under year olds. If you wanted to go on the side or the diving broad the driving broad was $2 and the side was $3. I went on both it was really fun I went with my brother's and my cousins my brother was a leader. My Brother was the leader of swaggalushly. More to come ....