Friday, 28 June 2013

My Birthday in Maori

Rua tekau ma warau

this is my birthday in maori but here it is in English .

28 of july 

The handsome vampire bat who stars in a tv show

Write a funny Story about a handsome vampire bat who stars in a tv show   f


One sunny day Their was a  handsome vampire bat and his name was  Toby  he was a movie star on your  going to get it . He  was alway into Trouble and he was a BAD bat in the class when he goes to school . No one knew he was a vampire But he was always into trouble he would always bite people just for being mean to him so he bite everyone in his class but not the Teacher and the nice people but their was one person who knew  he was a vampire bat . And his name was Rocky he was too scary to tell him because he was his best friend .

Later that day Rocky went to tell Toby so  Rocky Yelled “ Toby are you a vampire bat ‘’ and  Toby Yelled “ YES ‘’ and Rocky started to ran because he was SCARY that he was going to BITE him . But Rocky Looked back and Toby was despondent and Rocky went to the police to report  . But Toby knew he was going to the  police so toby went to the police and he bit all of them on the police  office  and when Rocky came there was people on the ground and he was crying and so he stayed of it .

The next day Rocky saw Toby and they started to talk as they were  stomped to the car Toby took Rocky back to his house . And Toby’s mother whispered “ Who is that he look’s like a vampire ?‘’ . She had a weird look on her face And when Toby came in she yelled to him  and said “ Who was that did you know he was a vampire ‘’ . And Toby Yelled ssssshhhhhhhhh ! and mum said “ why ‘’  and Toby yelled  “ HE WILL Bite  US ‘’

Weekly Refleciton

This week I have learned to that friendship can end and start again .
Next week I want to try get my work done in time .

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Scott base

Did you know that scott base is found i  antarctica . It Scott base is own by the New Zealand 
researchers . The name of scott base is by  Captain Robert falcon scott . Scott base  is right near  ross island and Mount Erebus.

Family is all we love

I  did  this Blog post so i can show you can see my family . I want you to see my family i love and  the  we there give me food . so i hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


This is my mihi it's like for my test . Plzz wish me luck so i can get a 5 . I hope you enjoy it
Elizabeth'mihi from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Antarctica animals

This is my  special features of Antarctic animals it's all i know of Antarctica . So i hope you enjoy it

Sunday, 16 June 2013


My brother mokani is gone to camp and i'm here with my little baby sister i hope she's nice to me when hes gone . Now i get to play on the laptop by myself yeah and hes gone for the week we are going to miss him . And i get to play on the iPad without him wait i don't know the password oh no . Here is a photo of him he is a lot more taller he is taller than my big brother teiro he's 20 and he is small . hope you enjoy it    This was when we where in oz it was cool and that's my cousin from oz.All i want for him is to be safe will he is gone because i want him to be safe when he is gone i love him so much.

Education is the key

This is a video that can help you in your school time . If you hate school but love music,maths, writing, and reading . Tell him why see here I love  music and reading but not maths and writing if you watch this video it will help you understand why you love music and the other things you love . I love school it helps me  what i don't know and There tell me what i will would be in the further   i learned that you can help people but sometime people can't help  you .  So I hope you enjoy i know i did

Saturday, 15 June 2013


I think this is a cool dance and it's a song from Macklemore  can't hold us . I love hip hop and other one it's fun dancing. So get up and dances and have fun i hope you enjoy.

Friday, 14 June 2013

laughing baby's

these are the funnest baby's i have seen . But they are not like a little baby sister . She can laugh for long and she is going to walk soon . I hope you enjoy

No-cook Play-dough

If  you want to make play dough at home will this the blog to get it and YouTube . I love to play with play Dough at home but I can't do it . So hope you enjoy

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Matariki seven stars

Do you know about Matariki  the seven stars will this is the week my Teacher said ''People wake up early to see the stars ''. And it shows how they came to NZ and they where also following the stars to that is it's  why  called it Matarliki . My teacher said '' that people use to called it the Maori new year  and the love the name and star that show when it's night . So i hope you enjoyed reading it.

Retelling skyway shock 2

Ant,cat,and max were on the skyway and in a boo a ice-bite came along and he was on the railway. He was trying to cut the cord and make them fall down on the ice and a mlte was on the ice and the mlte was helping them get up. and the ice-bite was a big monkey i can say and he was coming down with a scary look on his face .

Art alive

This is my old video from 2012 and my old Teacher Miss burne .When i was a year 3 and year 4 i was away on her class. so hope you enjoy
artalive liz from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Retelling Skyway Shock

This is a story called skyway shock I’m going to be reading it to you. Now let’s get to it the main people in the story is Cat,Ant,Tiger,Rex,Max,and Mini. And in the story it say’s that Tiger Mini and Rex were  with the husky  dogs there were jumping up and down . It mean’s that there want to go for a ride. Rex said to mini they want to go for a ride so they put  the husky dogs on the sledge and boo they were gone. Mini was calling Max in her Gizmo and Mini said to Rex have  you seen the ice-bite no but we are on the skyway. If you do call me it can turn  everything to ice of rage.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My goals

Elizabeth 's  goal list

  • try to get to the blogger award
  • do a sleepover on my birthday
  • try to get the prize giving award

Here is my goals for this year and maybe next year i wanted to know what i wanted to do. And what i did in the past i want to be a good girl and a good woman when i grow up. So hope you enjoy

Antarctic Animals

This is a video of my Antarctic Animal . You all know that it is a whale and I love whales but not the killer whale . Because I was watching a video about how whales life's it's life just like heaps of other animals . So hope you enjoy  and please  leave a comment .
Elizabethg antarcitca from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Friday, 7 June 2013


Five years ago there lived some  researchers there names were  Jack, TJ, Mokani, and Teiro,
they went to Antarctica and research  about the animals . Teiro said ‘’ Hey where are you going ‘’ and they all went. They were  going  to the Scott base at the bottom of New Zealand. They all went to go for a swim  with the killer whales in a dry suit and then they all went for a  swim .   

Then they all got lost in two groups Jack and TJ were together. And Teiro and Mokani were together. Then they all  got hungry because Teiro was the only one that had he share it with Mokani and then it came night and they all went sleep .

Then the next day Mokani and  Teiro  found  a  Hunt  near  by and teiro said Should we go into the Hunt ? Teiro said . Mokani made a  face and said ‘’ What are you  thinking ‘’ he turned around  and teiro was inside  the  hunt . mokani went in and  said ‘’ Wow  it’s warm in here ‘’ he said and they stayed there until a  man came in . Teiro and mokani was scared but the man said wait ‘’ My name is tom what is your name’’ he said  and Teiro said I’m teiro and he’s mokani we are  from New Zealand . and it continued the  boys started to talk and talk and talk they talked for hours and hours  he took they  a story about with his friend ‘s they left he in the hunt. mokani went to talk to teiro about what happened he said ‘’ Should we take him with us ‘’ and teiro said ‘’ yes’’ and the next day came
The next day Jack and TJ went for a run and they both went to scott base and that’s where teiro and mokani went . They both went and they found each other in the Scott base jack said to teiro. Who’s that? he said and teiro said he is  tom he was   just like us him and his got lost and they found each other but they left him and we found him in a Hunt .

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Seal pups

Here is  my seal pups worksheet from reading class  with Miss Ouano . Did you know that leopard seals and Crabeater seals make their babies to found their own food and even weddle seal leave them at seven week wow.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Drink starz

WOW I FEEL GREAT  I had 5 bottles of starz it's a Drink i love it i had 6 now because I'm having one now . Gosh it's yum i love this drink i can have it everyday  but i can't because my mum she won't let me have another one but i can't stop HELP ME IT"S YUMMY I CAN"T STOP IT. I need another one i need it i feel like a bird when i have it


YAY it's a long holiday I love holiday because school is not on i like school but not love. I like going on my netbook and finishing my work .Oh i think i do like work music is the main thing i like to do.But i always do reading to most to and i love to reading book so much . When i first on a worksheet   i always try to finish it off