Sunday, 3 April 2016

Simple and Compound Sentences

Simple and Compound Sentences. Hope you enjoy

Titanium-Editing Miss Berry Writing

“ What have I done? “ my head turning and  looking around in the middle of the hallway at school, “I have gotten out of control, I have to go Now “.  As I am walking to go exit out of school, I see my Teacher talking on the phone and saying the words“ please HURRY
as soon as I hear that I start power walking  . When I get out of school I see the police car turning in, I run to the bike and quickly run away from him by using my super speed. Going as fast as I can I hurry home to pack my stuff and GO.

As soon I as I leave I see shadows lurking outside of my house, when I see them I start running to the door, but it’s lock, I look for the keys and see the soldiers on the other side of the door. I act fast and get the keys with my mind power.

I'm running as fast as I can and using my super speed to get away from them. But it didn't work they still catch up to me, here I am in the forest trying to run away from these people trying to get me. In the neck of time they got me then I just crawl up into a little ball and this powerful force blows everyone away from me which makes them go far away from me so I can run far away from them as much as possible. The End