Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Movie Of the Week

Have you heard of the movie "DIVERGENT'. Well it's a movie that is like the "Hunger Games" but on killing people. But everyone is split up in four groups called Dauntless the brave, Amity the peaceful,Candor the honest, Abnegation the selfless, and the Erudite the intelligent.

Dauntless is the bravest faction out of all the factions they wear dark black clothing. It's  like there the police  they look out for the other people.Dauntless is one of the most brave and the most risk taking people.

Amity is the peaceful people that help the people to. They wear light and bright red and yellow clothing. Amity loves to be peaceful and friendly they love to create music with the other people they meet.

Candor is the most honest they tell the truth. They wear light grey clothing with black on it. They are like Dauntless but they don't fight.

Abnegation is the selfless. The wear grey clothing. They help the faction-less and feed them so they don't die.

Erudite is the intelligent faction. They wear blue clothing. Erudite is the intelligent and the most smart people.

And the last one is faction-less. Faction-less is when you don't fit on the faction or don't get better at it.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Spring Writing


Under the oak tree,kicked back by the beach from a view,chill going down your spine, the bright sun light on you. I layed down on the hot and tropical sand while the cool breeze comes to me from the oak wood tree. I feel relaxed and chill.

Today in class we have been doing creative writing. We had to write a sentence about this picture. As a class we chose the sentence we liked to best and then added to it. Here is my sentence and the sentence I added to.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

Ambassador Recount

On the 18th of September  2014 class 6, 7 & 8 went on a trip to the Museum. But I didn’t go because  I am an Ambassador and we had a speaking on that day. After we finished speaking we had to split up some of us went to Miss Kings and some went to Miss Rapold.

I went to Miss Kings class with Collin ,Khaia, and Marilyn. We helped Miss King by helping the kids to film their movies. The movies were about being a superhero.

After woods we had morning tea we went to see all the Ambassadors. It was so cold outside. All the Ambassador hutled all together to make ourselves warm.

The bell rang for us to come inside. First we did some maths and had some milk in 5 mins  time Miss King was going to take us too Gymnastics  it was hard for us. It was fun at Miss Kings class the best part was when I was helped the kids with the movies.

The is a recount about not going to the museum but the Ambassadors are going on Tuesday. I was in a class with Khaia,Coilln,& Marilyn. Hope you enjoy   

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Punctuation Continent

This week we were learning about punctuation and continents. My teacher made a  paragraph that was  edited and one that was unedited. Hope you enjoy.

North America Continent

Do you know what Continents are? Well a continent is a big giant piece of land. There are 7 continents named Asia,North America,South America,Africa,Europe, and Australia.

North America Continent
North America is a Continent that has the population of 565,265,000. Thats a-lot of people in North America. Did you know that North America  has 10 cities or countries named  
Mexico city,Los Angeles.New York,Toronto,Chicago,Houston,Havana,Guadalajara,Montreal,and Philadelphia.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


We had to invent a game because we were learning about the Commonwealth games .
This is the game that I made up called game-ball. I shared this earlier on my blog.

I hope you like  it.

Below you can see a rubric that shows how well I did. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mutton Birding part 2

This is the timeline of how mutton birding came about. Hope you enoy.

Use my Brain Use my heart I'm going to be Cyber smart

At assembly 2014 Mr Burt did a korero  and it was called use my brain, use my heart, I'm going to be cyber smart. If you have a computer at home you should always been cyber smart and be good online. TIP never go on a bad website.  

Use my brain means to use your brain when your going to do something.TIP Always check  before you go on the website. Never go on anything  your not supposed to go on.

if someone is asking you to do a bad thing with them use your heart. Never go with someone if they're going to do something bad. Tell them to stop.

Be good when you're on the  computer. Never say bad things to people. TIP stay away from social media sites.

If you can use your brain and use your heart you can be cyber smart online. This can help you in real life and online. TIP Be nice to other people and you will  better life.

Ika Monana Part 2:)

 I think whaling was for people just to get the  whales meat and oil and bubber. Whaling is sad to kill whales but it for the food. I have been researched about whaling for this week and it was fun and sad at the same time.

I have been reading a book called Ika Monana it's about whaling. Hope you enjoy

Monday, 8 September 2014

Ika Moana

Did you know that a  sperm whale lives for 60 years and weighs 18.5. Sperm whale are the largest whales in the world. And it has the largest head.
I have been reading a book called Ika Monan it's about whaling
Here is a photo