Friday, 26 February 2016

Treaty Waitangi

       Treaty of Waitangi

Every Year we New Zealanders celebrate the Treaty Of Waitangi that was signed on the 6st of February 1840, at Waitangi. You may be thinking to yourself what is Waitangi?, Well Waitangi is New Zealand’s most important document in the  New Zealand history file. The Treaty of Waitangi was an agreement to both te Reo  Maori and English language.

 What Does the Treaty Mean to Me?
To me the Treaty means that we are all equal in every way possible. No matter what you look like or where you come from. Everyone is different. The Treaty of Waitangi bring more people together as a nation and also as one big family.


Thursday, 25 February 2016

6 Hats - Current Events

 This is about the New Zealander of the year and also the changing of the new Zealand flag. Hope you enjoy

Writing A narrative- Mysterious forest

Mysterious  Forest
a group of teenage went for 5 days of camping in the legend Forest. The legend forest had many legends that the teenage did not know about.
when the teenage sept their first night camping they heard many different sounds they have never heard before. so they all got out of the tent and went to look for what that sound was, they were search

  Mysterious Forest

Once upon their lived a group of teenage with two girls named Elizabeth, And Bella, and also three boys named James,Caspar,and Joe. James and Joe was Bella’s older brother and Caspar was Elizabeth's older brother also. Soon after they all went camping in the legend forest, they notice something weird in the distance, But they didn't really care about it. As they started to put up their tent Bella and Elizabeth went looking for some sticks to make a camp-fire as they were getting some sticks they found a growing gem on the ground and run it the their brothers as soon as possible.

When they were at the camp-site they couldn't see their brothers anywhere so they went searching for them, as they were searching they saw something coming towards them, as it was coming towards them something was making stop moving. They couldn't escape, they couldn't run, and they couldn't hide or search. The moving shadow came up to Elizabeth and said “WHERE IS IT” in a loud and scary voice that Elizabeth wasn't really scared about it, she replied saying “ Where’s what?, because you really need to take a breath mint”. The moving shadow said “ The Gem Where is it “ Elizabeth replied and said “ Why”, “ I need if i told you, you won’t believe me” said the shadow “ Oh please you're a talking shadow I have everything to believe now” Teased Elizabeth “ ok “ said the shadow.

First the shadow changed itself into a small magical fairy and said “ Hi my name is Silver-mist I am a life fairy and I need that gem to bring back missing people”, “ Can you help us found our brothers first “ said Bella “sure” said Silver-Mist. “ Follow me” says Silver-Mist, As Elizabeth and Bella follow Silver-Mist they saw the most breathtaking things in their lives. “ We’re here” Silver-Mist says, “ so where are we “ says Bella “ were in Legend Forest this is where your brother’s are “ Silver-Mist says “ Wait so Legend Forest is real all this time it was real I thought it was fake” says Elizabeth “ yeah it’s been here all along but we were never allowed to tell anyone about the Legend Forest”
said Silver-Mist. Elizabeth and Bella were walking in and right there they see their brothers, as soon as they saw them they run with all their might to their brothers to give a big hug. “ Hey do you want to stay with us until you have to go?” Said Silver- Mist, “ Sure “ Said Caspar, after that they all got their gear and stayed in the Legend Forest for the first time ever and they all lived happily ever after THE END.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Rules

This week my reading group was reading the Rules by Maria Samuela. Miss Berry gave us this book that as a cook Island feel to it and it's also my culture which was really cool to work on. I enjoyed reading this book and I hope you enjoyed.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Intro To Statistics

This week Mrs Ilaoa taught us a lot about statistics. She taught us a lot about charts and also about the Mean,Median,mode, and range. hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Profile Update

Kia orana, Talofa Lava, and greeting to you all.  My name is Elizabeth and this year I am a year 8 and also Prefect for 2016 at Point England School. This year I am in room 5 with Mrs Ilaoa . This year my favorite verse in the bible is read in philippians 4:13 which reads “ I can do all thing through Christ who Strengthens me” this is the verse I am depending on for the whole year.

At school my friends and I play many sports such as softball,rugby,touch, and cricket. I also like to help other people who are hurt and who are feeling down. In my free time I like to play touch with my friends and also listen to music from my favorite singer who are  Lara Larsson, Tori kelly, Sonna Rele and also Zendaya.

My Favorite subject in school is Literary because I love to read books , my favorite book ever, is based on a movie called divergent.  This year is my last year here at Point England school and I want to make it count, So this  year my main goal is to do the best I can for my last year at school which mean trying new things I have never done before. I’m looking forward for this year

2015 Relfection

              2015 Reflection

Throughout the year I have noticed that my life is not always perfect, in life we may succeed but sometimes we may not. Last years was one of the weirdest,craziest, and funniest years of my life. It was the most memorable year of my life because in 2015 I became a Prefect for 2016.

From what I have learned in 2015. I have learned a lot from my family and where I came from. Going back to the Cook Island taught me a lot about my heritage and culture.

School really helped me to learn a lot more than I knew before and I have loved learning new things. Since I was in the senior block, school work was a lot more harder but I always I had a helping hand close to me.