Wednesday, 26 August 2015,share

This term we have been learning about using our money responsible. We have been working on our save save save presentation. It is about saving your money. Hope you enjoy

Smart surfing

Today we were with miss kyla and we did  the smart surfing. Hope you enjoy

Quote of the day #4

Strong people don't put people down... they lift them up

This is a quote Michael P. Watson I don't know much about him but I know that he inspires other people, and he inspires me, I think that he is the type of person who lifts other people up to help other people like if I didn't believe in myself and he saw me I think he will help me believe in myself. This is my 340th  post and I am so happy. Hope you enjoyed and have a nice day

Friday, 21 August 2015

Reality Trip

What was the most ‘shocking’ thing for you? The most shocking thing was when the workers get paid they only get payed a little bit of money. When you change the money for new zealander money it will only be a little bit.

What about money? (link to being financially responsible)
When they were working they did get money. But they didn’t get as much. All they got was 40 pesso which is 4 dollars in new zealand.

What 3 things can you learn from the TV documentary ‘Reality Trip’? 1. You can learn the other things that other countries  do in the life of they day
2. Learn what types of jobs they do
3. know that there are other people in the world that don’t have food and money.

Explain what the documentary was about (5 New Zealanders)The documentary is about 5 kiwis that go on a trip and do thing they have not done before. They names are Peter,Anna,Kirera,Stevie,and Stephanie. They all have to work together for all the jobs they do.

What different types of things did they experience? The different things they did was trying different foods. And they worked in the most weirdest places  

Wants vs Needs

Yess Today is Friday and we are now finishing our work. This Is my Want vs Needs if you want to see who wants click the arrow. Hope you enjoyed bye

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Smart Foot-print With Miss Kayla

Today in Maths we were learning with Miss Kayla. She showed us a clip about being safe on-line. After we had to create a google drawing that tells other people that words travel fast. Hope you enjoy

Inference Part 2

This is my part 2 of inference. It was fun doing this I got to write in my writing book which I have not written in for a long time. So yeah hope you have enjoyed.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

As a Man Thinks In His Heart

" As A Man Thinks In His Heart " So He Will Be.

I think this quote is about a man who thinks from his heart and his mind. He thinks about others more then his-self.Hope you have enjoyed and have a good day.

This is a quote we did with our teacher. We had to read think share and write this.