Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Something Gone Missing

    Something Gone Missing

Life is not always fair, there are always twists and turns that we all have to experience.  when I was about 10 years old my favourite colour was green so I wanted green coloured shoes. I was with my Mum , Dad , and older brother, we were shopping for the first day back to school.

First I went to go look for new pair of shoes, I saw green coloured sneakers from the brand Nike and  instantly  I was amazed, so I had to get it, it was a pretty good price for nikes I took it to my Mum and begged her to get it for me. Me and my brother excitedly rushed to get some new cheap stationery for school, me and my brother always got the cheap stationery so our Mum and Dad wouldn’t have to spend that much on stationery.

Two weeks later in the weekend my Mum thought it would be a good day to go to the beach. My Mum said “Ok everyone get ready we are going to the beach” and we all cheered with happiness, because we all needed a break.. We all got ready, and went in our white van  off  to the beach.  

When we got to the beach we played on the new playground that  the builders just finished working on. It was fun to hang out with my family again, when we all were sweating like a pigs we all decided to go for a swim in the cold cool water, so I took off my green nike sneakers and left it in the sand beside the rocks. I run in and I was wet all over, while we're having a swim we saw my cousins coming and they all run in the water with us.
We all went for a swim and we decided to play swimming touch, the game is just like playing touch but you're just playing in the water which makes it even harder. As we were playing we went deeper into
the ocean and we couldn’t even see our stuff it looked like it was just big sea shells.

While we were swimming deeper into the ocean but not to far away from our Mum and Dad’s. I get out of the water to go have a feed but then I notice that my green nike shoes are gone. I go to my Mum and and Dad because I was really hungry so I had to eat. Then I see my Brother and my Cousins coming back for a feed too, I thought that they were playing a trick on me so I thought that they had it. After our feed I go to them and ask where are my shoes and they so that they don’t have it, at this point i’m going a bit worried it felt like my heart was going to come out of me, so I go and search for it.

As I was still looking for my green shoes I start to get to tried to look so I take a break. While I was sitting down I see a girl on a bike wearing what looked like my shoes, So I said to her “ Hi I’m Elizabeth and I lost a pair of green nike shoes do think you know where they are” and she says “ no sorry I got these shoes from my birthday “ and I said “ ok thanks”. When she leaves I started to search again. Ten mins in searching I hear my Mum saying “ Ok we’re all going home now come on”. I rushed to her to tell her that I lost my green shoes and she said “ it’s alright darling will get you new ones” and I said “ ok thanks Mum “.

When we got home we all had a big long rest. My Mum said the next day we will go to look for new shoes . I was feeling with excitement, and also to remembering to put my name on my new pairs of shoes the next day.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Trip To Nikau Cave RTW2T4

for the past few weeks two have been learning about caves. Hope you enjoy

Monday, 19 October 2015

Team 4 Immersion Assembly.

As I walk  into the year 7&8 block for the first day of team 4, I rushly throw my bag on the ground and run out to go and find my friends . Then as I run to look for my friends I saw the school topic for term 4 and it was SURVIVOR. I find my friends and we had a girly/sporty chat, as we were talking the bell rang  “dingdingding” We run to class  and went to go sit down, when we got there we were just in time for morning notices when it was finished we went to Immersion Assembly.

Firstly Miss George came in up on the stage and told us that team one is going to be learning about animals .Soon after that she said that she  will be having a karaoke competition. Her and the other teachers choose people to sing for the karaoke  competition she told everyone to go on the stage, and sing a song. When everyone was on the stage the song came on and the song was roar by Katy Perry, the people  on the stage had to sing a bit of the song and had to pass the microphone to the next person.  After when everyone sang their part Miss George and Mr Burt choose the winner and the winner was Marika, she won a trip to the zoo with team one. 

After team one was over Team 2&3 kinda had the same topic which was learning about Dinosaurs. Team 2 is learning about how Dinosaurs adapted to live. Team 3 is creating their own Dinosaurs and the Teachers already made some up of there own, there was Man-O-Saurs,Musclesaurs and more. 

While team 2&3 were finishing up team 4 soon came on and team 4 is learning about habitats. That means that they are learning about where animals habitats are. Mr Goodwin and Mr Somerville  showed us a movie and the movie was about people trying to find where they were. It was hilarious, the people were in a green room and Mr Goodwin put a background on but they couldn’t see it. The background was animals in their habitats and the people who were in it was trying to guess where they were. In the end they guessed where they were and they all got it wrong but it was still funny. After the movie we all clapped in laugher then team 5 came on.

The Team 5 teachers came on the stage and they did the survivor game. All the teachers were on the stage lined up for a challenge but not Mr Wiseman he was the host for the game, Mr Wiseman was speaking and then he told them and us  what they are going to do for the challenge. For the challenge they had to eat noodles with chopsticks. Mr Wiseman said ready set Go and off they went Miss Clark was going super fast and she won the challenge, but the other teachers didn’t agree. So Mr Wiseman said “it is fair because they needed adapt to use the chopsticks” and Miss Peato said “ but I didn’t want to adapt to use it I could of but I didn’t want to”. Then Mr Wiseman said that team 5 will be learning about how people and animals adapt to live.

After all that was done we all went to class to learn more about what we are learning for the team. My favorite part of Immersion Assembly was team 5 and their survivor game, it was so funny. But I wish I could watch it again.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Mixture Of Problem's

In maths we did a mixture of word problems and here they are. Hope you enjoy.

The Secret Underground

I'm back for a anything term of learning and the topic for term 4 is SURVIVOR. We are learning about how we adapt to live. This week was the first week back to school and I was working on the Secret underground. It is about animals that you didn't know who lived in caves. If you want more information then click the arrow button if you do. hope you enjoy