Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Kiwiyo With Miss Ouano

Hi everyone  it me like always so you remember when I helped Miss Ouano. I helped her again with sitting up the classroom for school. So as a treat she took just my to kiwiyo which is a cool place to have frozen yogurt. We took some photos to and remember when I helped her the other time with Paris when we made truffles. If you want to see how we made them here  is miss Ouano's baking blog
http://amazedessertboutique.blogspot.co.nz/ hope you like it and here are the photos we took at kiwiyo. And sorry it's late

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Day With Miss Ouano

Here are the  photos we took. From helping Miss Ouano  it was fun and I hope you like it. And  here is Paris's Paris's Blog if you want to see her blog. Hope you like it and thank you Miss Ouano BYE

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I'm Back

Hi Everyone it's me again hope you guys are having the best times of you life.  Tomorrow  I'm helping Miss ouano  it going to be so much I might be going to take my iPad and take photos of me and my friends.  Hope you guys have a good day and happy new year but that's past so good bye
God bless everyone-

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Things I like to do

Hi everyone so here is my part 2 of having a great new year. today I'm going to be talking about something things that I like doing and the things I don't like. So I'm doing this post late at night but I have to keep moving on.
Here are the things I like to do
Have A swim-
Play minecraft-
Watch funny videos-
Play some sports-
Play some music-
Things I don't like to do
Go outside-
Having some cheese
Pong ping-

And that's it I hope You enjoy it From Elizabeth

Friday, 3 January 2014

What A Great Year

Hi Everyone hope you all had a great year in 2013 but sadly we have to let it if you want to. But this year was great and a fun year we made a mini golf in our backyard. And had a great time playing it  me and my brother play all the time. We went to the beach most of the time because it was so hot and we don't have a little pool to swim in.

So I asked my Mum if we can go and she said "no'', so then I went back and asked her then she said "yes''  so I went to go get changed and go for a swim. So in a few min we were there is was so fun the water was great. And it was my baby sister's first time to swim in the sea but she went right in the water. She loved it we got out to go have so food I had so chicken and so chips.  After we went back in the water and my Mum said that we are leaving soon. Then I went to get changed and my Mum said that we are going back tomorrow. in the car I was having some jelly belly it was so yum and so we were back home and I went to sleep and wake up to have a shower.

                                                        BYE I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW
                                                         TO TELL YOU THE REST